Akshay Chopra

Akshay Chopra
AKSHAY CHOPRA is the graduate of the prestigious National Defence Academy and the Air Force Academy. He is a former Indian Air Force pilot and has been the captain of the Air Force Bodybuilding team.

A prolific writer, Akshay has written hundreds of articles for various magazines & websites, and authored multiple eBooks in his field of research.

A versatile speaker, Akshay has conducted lectures & talks for thousands of people of all ages across the nation in various defence establishments, schools, universities, corporates, Hospitals, gyms, fitness expos, and venues like 7xTEDx, Josh Talks & India International Science Festival.

He is now a Fitness Entrepreneur, the founder of WE R Stupid & Genesis and co-founder of *Mango Herbs. He has been awarded the Business World 40 under 40 award.