1x50gms & 3x20gms Shilajit Pro Combo

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Shilajit Pro is 100% Pure Himalayan Shilajit, sourced from Bhutan


SHILAJIT PRO is one of the purest and the most potent sources of natural shilajit, which is purified using traditional processes, and is sourced from the pristine Himalayas. SHILAJIT PRO is provided to you in pure resin form, for ensuring the highest standards of purity and quality, with ease of use. SHILAJIT PRO is a 100% LAB TESTED product, to negate any ambiguity in terms of quality.

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Weight 1.56 kg

14 reviews for 1x50gms & 3x20gms Shilajit Pro Combo

  1. Aakriti

    Try this Shilajit Pro Combo and you will get the best care out of there.

  2. sanjay

    I have found superb care of my skin after using this product.

  3. sanjay


  4. Lakshay

    “Shilajit Pro Combo” best quality product I have ever used.

  5. Asis Education

    It has numerous health benefits.

  6. Mohit Poddar

    I have used this product many times, it helps to boost our energy and keep you fit and fresh.

  7. Aditi

    This “Shilajit Pro Combo” is a full package of improving muscle strength, reducing fatigue, and as well as it boosts your memory and immune system.

  8. Vandana


  9. Suman

    Beneficial for skin

  10. Suman

    Nice product with numerous skin care.

  11. sonam

    “Shilajit Pro Combo” you all should use this to get a healthy and fit life.

  12. Sanaya

    It removed my fatigue, weakness, headache, and irregular heartbeat. Seriously, I am very happy and thankful for this product!

  13. Rohit

    Thank you so much for this product, I have used it correctly and now I am free from my heart problems.

  14. Anija

    One of my friends was suffering from anaemia but now she is totally fit after using Shilajit Pro because it contains numerous compounds which is helpful for anaemia patient.

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