1 Ltr. Amla Pro

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Amla Pro is 100% Raw, Unprocessed & Pure Amla Juice!


Amla Pro is highly nutritious and is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, amino acids and minerals. It contains several chemical constituents like tannins, alkaloids and phenols. These properties are efficacious in the prevention and treatment of various diseases like cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, peptic ulcer, anaemia, liver, heart diseases and various other disorders.

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25 reviews for 1 Ltr. Amla Pro

  1. Aakriti

    Wonderful product to use and it is best in the market.

  2. Priti

    I have decided to use “Amla Pro” every time because of its purity.

  3. Sanaya

    Awesome product to use and I found Amla Pro is the most important medicinal product in traditional Indian medicine.

  4. Sanjay

    After using this amazing product now I could say that it is the best in the market.

  5. Asis Education

    I am enthusiastic enough to share my positive feedback on this product.

  6. Lakshay

    If you are wandering here and there to get the best source of vitamin C, then you must try this amazing product “Amla Pro”.

  7. Suman

    Amla Pro protects heart diseases as well as improves eyesight and boosts the immune system. What are you looking for? Go and get the best product and make your life healthy.

  8. Vandana

    Amla Pro plays a vital role to live life in a healthy way.

  9. Aditi


  10. Aditi

    Wonderful and Useful product

  11. Sneha

    Don’t lose this golden chance to use this product. Honestly sharing my positive feedback.

  12. Rohit

    I have started using Amla Pro on daily basis.

  13. Anija

    Recently, I have started this product and now I got my skin, hair, and vision perfect and healthy.

  14. Ashwin Basu

    Just ordered Amla Pro and Aloe Vera Pro for my father. Thank you for introducing us to the quality products. I have certainly made the right decision to buy best Amla online!

  15. Harshal

    Amazing product sir…. received it today. Mango Herbs is the best place to buy Indian gooseberry juice online.

  16. Mayur Jha

    I started taking Aloe Vera Pro & Amla Pro, for my acidity issues. In his live session, Akshay sir told me to start with it. Believe me guys, it has worked magically for me. I have the two juices in slightly warm water, morning empty stomach. Not only my stomach gets perfectly cleared, but my acidity issues have virtually vanished. I would strongly recommend these products to everyone.

  17. Raunak Joshi

    I have been using Amla Pro, for a very long time now. I am also a user of Bone Pro & Brain Pro, and ordered the Beast Pro recently. Every product of Mango Herbs of excellent quality. Indian market needs brands like Mango Herbs.

  18. Ananya

    I was using vitamin C tablets initially. But then I saw Akshay sir’s video comparing amla & vitamin C tablet, in which he told why its better to take Amla juice as a source of not just Vitamin C, but also other phytonutrient. It’s been 8 months, and I am using Amla Pro instead of vitamin C tablets.

  19. Sushil Bains

    Quality is very good. I couldn’t feel the strong acidic after taste, I found in some other Amla juice brands. It’s quite smooth in taste.

  20. Angad

    I received a leaked bottle. But, I got a free replacement for the product as soon as I raised the complaint. The product is very high quality, but what impressed me was the customer service.

  21. Bhavin Patel

    My mom started using Amla Pro & Aloe Vera Pro from Mango Herbs. She has seen some great benefits in terms of her digestion, and her health. She isn’t falling sick, the way she used to before starting these products. I have also added Bone Pro in her diet now.

  22. Girish Sehgal

    Today, I received Amla Pro, Bone Pro, Brain Pro, Shilajit Pro & Ashwagandha Pro… and if course one free 250gm honey… with very good packaging & superfast delivery. I stay in South Odisha but it just took 3 days to reach. This is my 4th time order from Mango Herbs and it will continue… because quality always matter.

  23. Neeru Dhingra

    Thank you sir, as you suggested I asked my mother (who is suffering from type 2 diabetes) to take neem juice & amla juice every morning empty stomach, and now, even if she messes with something she shouldn’t be messing with like rice, sugar, or Russian tea cake, her diabetes is under control. Thank you once again.

  24. Prince Bedi

    I bought Amla Pro, Giloy Pro & Ashwagandha Pro from Mango Herbs, for my parents, and the results were amazing. She doesn’t have issue of high blood pressure now, and her diabetes is also under control.

  25. Aarav Bhardwaj

    Sir, I am using Amla Pro & Aloe Vera Pro from past 15 days, and it is so good. I had issue of getting sore throat every month in winters, but now I feel so good. Now, I am planning to buy Giloy & Neem for my immunity & uric acid problem.

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