240g Multi Collagen Pro

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Multi Collagen Pro contains a complete range of Type I, II & III/ 100% Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides.


 Multi Collagen Pro has No Additives, No Preservatives, No Colours, No Sugar or Sweeteners, No Thickeners, No foul Smell, No Pork/Beef, and mixes easily with water, coffee, tea, smoothies, soups, juices, curd, protein shakes or your favourite beverage. Multi Collagen Pro helps support joint, bone & cartilage health improves skin elasticity & texture, increases hair density and growth, and strengthens nails.

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17 reviews for 240g Multi Collagen Pro

  1. Arshi Ahmed

    Multi Collagen is a very good quality product. I am happy to have this and would recommend it to others.

  2. Sumit Apte

    Sir you are doing a great job. I have also tried Multi Collagen Pro. It is great. I am having ACL tear, and Multi Collagen Pro has helped me in faster healing along Shilajit Pro. Have tried other products too but this is one of the best.

  3. Y.S Reddy

    I used Mango Herbs Multi Collagen Pro. My knee injury recovered without surgery.

  4. Rohit Gupta

    My mother is using the Joint Pro & Multi Collagen Pro. The stack is so amazing. After so many years of enduring severe osteoporosis pain, my mother is finally able to walk and able to take stairs without pain and inflammation in both knees. I must say, this feeling for a son is so so overwhelming watching his mother walk again pain-free with a smile.

  5. Akhil Sharma

    I am an athlete, and have been suffering from joint pain for quite some time. I asked Akshay sir, in his live session, about the supplement to be used. He recommended me the Joint & Bone Combo, which consists of three supplements, Joint Pro, Bone Pro & Multi Collagen Pro. I couldn’t thank him enough. Not only my joints are pain free now, but my performance has increased tremendously.

  6. Babita Devi

    I have tried a lot of other collagen brands, but this one is at the top. Firstly, its all three collagen peptides in pure hydrolyzed form. And second, it has nothing else except, full 10 grams of collagen in a serving, unlike other brands, who add a mix of cheap fillers to their collagen.

  7. C. Guha

    I am a 54 years old woman, and have been looking for a supplement for my skin and bones, as with age bones get weak and skin loses elasticity. I was advised to check Mango Herbs. I ordered Bone Pro & Multi Collagen Pro from the website. And today, I can strongly say, that I made the right choice, and would highly recommend it to others.

  8. Daman Singh

    I am finished with five boxes now, and have no plans to stop. In fact, I have added this in my parent’s diet also.

  9. B. Goel

    One day, my brother got a collagen supplement from Australia. But I couldn’t take it, as it contained beef. It was difficult to find high quality collagen supplements in India. Then I came across Multi Collagen Pro, and loved the quality, more so because it was 100% beef & pork free.

  10. Esha Rastogi

    I tried Multi Collagen Pro, on a recommendation of a friend, for my skin. And couldn’t believe that the effects would be so fast. Within a week I could see & feel my skin & hair quality getting better. A great product indeed. Thnx Mango Herbs for not breaking our trust.

  11. Daanesh

    I have tried few collagen brands, but they either had a weird fishy smell, or they tasted too sweet. But the moment I tasted Multi Collagen Pro, I knew it’s what I was searching for. There is no fishy smell, and no extreme sweetness. The flavor is very mild.

  12. Kailash Deo

    I am a working women, and because of my hectic lifestyle, I ignored my diet for a very long time. This started showing on my skin, which started getting very dull. I saw Akshay sir’s video on Multi Collagen Pro, and thought of trying it. Wow, what a product. I am using it for over 2 months now, and the effect on my skin is magical.

  13. D.K Tiwari

    Main ek bodybuilder hun, aur main Akshay sir ka Bone & Joint Combo le raha hun. Bahut hi kamaal ka stack hai. Mera joint pain khatam ho gaya hai.

  14. Abha Handa

    The product is outstanding. I have tried other brands, and almost always had upset stomach. But Multi Collagen Pro has been quite light on my gut, and I haven’t faced any digestive issues with it.

  15. Rizwan

    Being a Muslim, my issue with Collagen supplement was addition of Pork in it. But Multi Collagen Pro is 100% pork free, and it goes well with my goals and religion.

  16. Amandeep

    I have been consuming Multi Collagen Pro in morning, empty stomach with Amla Pro, as advised by Akshay sir. The benefits I have seen are simply amazing. My stomach clears extremely well in the morning, and my skin & hair quality is getting better by the day.

  17. Meeta Mohan

    I am a long distance runner, and I have been having this nagging joint pain for some time now. I checked my Vitamin D, and it was well within limits. So, I consulted Akshay sir, and he advised me to try the Joint Pro & Multi Collagen Pro stack. And thanks to his advice, my pain is gone, and I am able to run pain-free now.

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