60 Brain Pro Tablets

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Brain Pro contains extremely potent ingredients, in highly bio available form and the right quantity, to phenomenally improve your brain health.


Brain pro helps maximize memory and focus, improves mental clarity & concentration, reduce brain fog and boost overall cognitive function. This helps you in becoming more productive and engaging, reducing distractions, and boredom, improving your problem-solving ability. Brain Pro is 100% drug free, natural and non-addictive formula, which helps you tremendously improve your brain function.

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Each Tablet contains:

Brahmi Extract (Bacopa Monnieri): 150 mg
Shankhpushpi Extract: 150mg
Gingko Biloba Extract: 100 mg
Jyotismati/ Malkangani Extract: 100 mg
Nardostachys Jatamansi Extract: 100 mg
Vacha Extract: 100 mg
Gotu Kola: 60 mg
Piperine (Black Pepper Extract): 10 mg

20 reviews for 60 Brain Pro Tablets

  1. poonam

    This product from Mango Herbs(Brain Pro) is very effective. It will definitely give you a mental boost. I find myself remembering more information, getting more done, and actually seeing more sharply.

  2. Vandana

    Brain Pro tablet is very good I’m taking from 1 month, this tablet helpful for brain function, I’m happy

  3. Deepanjali panwar

    Amazing products I have purchased Brain Pro few days ago its very perfect supplement for our mind

  4. Deepanjali panwar

    2 week’s ago I have purchased Brain Pro tablets, this is perfect supplement its boost our memory retention.

  5. Laksh Bhatia

    Brain Pro is really helpful to increase concentration and focus. I really loved this product and recommend it to others also.

  6. Vibhu Gupta

    The best product to improve brain health. Brain Pro is really effective in improving problem solving ability. It is amazing product especially for students. I am a student, and have experienced much better clarity of thought with this product.

  7. Arush

    My father had been having trouble remembering things for some time now. I know, this can be dangerous in the long run. I watched Akshay sir’s videos and added Brain Pro in his diet. He has had an excellent improvement in his memory and is not forgetting things like he used to.

  8. Dhruv

    This product from Mango Herbs (Brain Pro) is very effective. It will definitely give you a mental boost. I find myself remembering more information, getting more done, and actually seeing more sharply.

  9. Priyanka. S

    It’s not easy to find a good nootropic in Indian market. The understanding of nootropics is still in its nascent stages in India. Akshay sir was among the first people to launch a nootropic like Brain Pro for the Indian people. I was among the first buyer of the product, and have been using it since then. Thnx sir for such great products.

  10. Jyoti Malhotra

    I recently ordered Brain Pro and I really love this product as it helped me focus more on my work. Earlier I used to get distracted even by the smallest of things and now I am to focus more.

  11. Girish

    Brain Pro is amazing, I used it for a month and I could feel the difference in my focus level. My brain fog has reduced and I am able to concentrate better on my work.

  12. Bhawna Malik

    I am a teacher and have a lot of pressure of students and their academic performance. Brain Pro has really helped me keep a clear mind throughout the day. My brain fog has vanished. Highly recommended.

  13. Divesh Chanana

    When I read the ingredients in Brain Pro, I recalled my childhood times, when my mother used to give me Brahmi & Shankhapushpi syrup for my memory. I think I need it more than ever now.

  14. Lakshmi Raman

    I didn’t used to remember things and because of this I was facing a lot of issues in my professional life. Then I used Brain Pro. I used it for 90 days and I can see a remarkable difference in my memory. Thank you Mango Herbs.

  15. Maahi

    You know what has been the best part with me? My dependency on energy drinks has reduced a lot since I started using Brain Pro. I have much better mental clarity, and am able to focus for long, without using any extreme stimulants. Even my sleep has improved, because of which I don’t need a lot of caffeine now.

  16. Ishaan

    When I told my friends about the effects of Brain Pro, they thought I am just making it up, and it’s a placebo effect. But few of them, believed me and tried themselves. Once they also had similar cognitive benefits, they convinced others too about its efficacy and safety.

  17. Gaurang

    My mother started using Brain Pro & Ashwagandha Pro, on my advice. She has seen a lot of improvement in her sleep. Her stress levels are down, and her brain fog has reduced a lot.

  18. Maanvi Dua

    This product has made me feel incredible. I am able to recall names & dates I used to forget often.

  19. Raghav Kumar

    I am preparing for my competitive exams, and have to study for long hours. Due to constant pressure of exams, I started forgetting what I had learnt. This stressed me even more. This was when I planned to have additional help in form of a nootropic. I chose Brain Pro, mainly because of all natural and non-addictive ingredient. I have been using it for three months now, and it has made huge difference in my cognitive functions. I am able to remember better, and also recall things much faster.

  20. Abhinav Bhola

    Today, I received Amla Pro, Bone Pro, Brain Pro, Shilajit Pro & Ashwagandha Pro… and if course one free 250gm honey… with very good packaging & superfast delivery. I stay in South Odisha but it just took 3 days to reach. This is my 4th time order from Mango Herbs and it will continue… because quality always matter.

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