60 Digestion Pro Tablets

738.00 Including GST

Digestion Pro is one of the most potent digestive medicine, which is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients in the right quantity and the most bioavailable form, for complete digestive support.


Digestion Pro helps reduce acidity & bloating, relieves constipation, boosts appetite, prevents gastric issues, and supports the healthy gut function.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Each Tablet Contains:
Jeera: 80 mg
Dhania: 80 mg
Chitrakmool: 80 mg
Trikatu: 80 mg
Pippall: 50 mg
Marich: 40 mg
Anar: 40 mg
Sonth: 40 mg
Vividang: 40 mg
Kala namak: 25 mg
Praval Pishti: 20 mg
Mulethi: 20 mg


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