60 Digestion Pro Tablets

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Digestion Pro is one of the most potent digestive medicine, which is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients in the right quantity and the most bioavailable form, for complete digestive support.


Digestion Pro helps reduce acidity & bloating, relieves constipation, boosts appetite, prevents gastric issues, and supports the healthy gut function.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Each Tablet Contains:
Jeera: 80 mg
Dhania: 80 mg
Chitrakmool: 80 mg
Trikatu: 80 mg
Pippall: 50 mg
Marich: 40 mg
Anar: 40 mg
Sonth: 40 mg
Vividang: 40 mg
Kala namak: 25 mg
Praval Pishti: 20 mg
Mulethi: 20 mg

16 reviews for 60 Digestion Pro Tablets

  1. Simple Arora

    I have been taking Digestion Pro & Liver Pro, and it has given me a big relief from heart burn & indigestion issues.

  2. B.Arora

    I have been having constipation issues for quite some time, and was always advised strong laxatives by the doctor. I came across the Digestion & Constipation combo. And I have experienced a great relief from the combo. The best part is that, its 100% natural, and has no laxatives.

  3. Rajbeer Singh

    Sir aapke Digestion Pro aur Liver Pro ka result amazing hai. Mai 2 month se regular use kar raha hun. Mere digestive disorders theek ho gaye hain. Sir pehle oats bhi digest nahin hote thhe, sirf gas hoti thi, or na hi apple digest hota tha, matlab har meal ke baad problem hoti thi.

  4. Mr Ramvir

    I used to experience severe gastric issues after every meal. I tried some basic home remedies, but there wasn’t much help. I started taking 2 tablets of Digestion Pro, on Akshay sir’s advice. I have seen excellent changes with it. My gastric issues have reduced a lot, and there is no more acidity.

  5. S.K Sehgal

    Maine ye product apni mom ko diya thha. Unko acidity ka issue hai kaafi time se. Unko is product se bahut relief mila hai. Main 2 mahine se unko regular de raha hun.

  6. Abhishek

    I am an IBS patient for a very long time. And having stomach cramps and aches were common. I didn’t want to opt for strong medicines, as I was scared of side effects. That’s when I came across the juices & Digestion Pro combo. I started taking Aloe vera & Triphala juice in the morning empty stomach, and 2 tablets of Digestion pro post meal, as advised. I am using these products over three months now, and have experienced a big relief from the symptoms.

  7. Anita Kashyap

    Bahut hi achha product banaya hai sir. Kaafi aaram mila hai mujhe isse. Pet mein jo dard hota thha gas ki wajah se, ab wo theek ho gaya hai.

  8. Dhara Z

    I food lover, and eat out quite often. But my love for food has resulted in indigestion and irregular bowel movements. One of my friends, asked me to check out this product called Digestion Pro. I wasn’t very convinced initially, despite of good reviews. But when I saw the ingredients, I found them to be totally natural. So, I ordered the first bottle. It’s been 6 months now, Digestion Pro has been my companion, and I carry it with me, whenever I go on long trips.

  9. Manav Singh

    Being a bodybuilder, I need to eat a lot of food, especially in the off season. But the major issue is appetite. Sometimes, despite of eating clean, you tend to have digestion problems. That’s when I added the Digestion combo to my stack. It not only solved my digestive issues, but also boosted my appetite.

  10. A.K Kashyap

    I recently bought this product and I must say, I am extremely satisfied with it. It helped me with my severe bloating issues. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with GUT-related issues.

  11. Honey Malhotra

    Digestion supplements may not help in weight loss directly, but if you are having digestive issues, your weight loss would be hindered. Being a coach, I have had this issue with some of my clients, and I have advised them Digestion & Liver Pro. Each one them had great results from these products, and they were able to break their weight loss plateau.

  12. Anil.S

    My father had acidity & gastric issues, because of which he experienced extreme headaches stomach aches. The problem had persisted for very long. I just added 2 tablets of Digestion Pro, to start with. Within three days, he started passing gas, and felt relief after so long. Today, he has added Aloe vera & Triphala pro also, along with Digestion Pro, and his hasn’t experienced headaches or stomach aches since then. Thank you Mango Herbs for understanding the Indian lifestyle & problems.

  13. Md.Shanu

    I saw the ad of Digestion Pro on Instagram, and found the product promising. I have been using it since 2 months now, and I simply love the product. My GERD problem has gone down, and acidity has reduced too.

  14. Shaleen Sharma

    Very good product. Just a request. Please maintain this high quality in the future also. The price is very reasonable for such potent products.

  15. Ajay Anoop

    I got this product for my mother who had bloating and gas issues. Nothing much was seen for the first few days. I thought, I had wasted my money. But soon the results started showing. My mother could feel the reduction in bloating and gas formation, post meals. The results only got better with time. She is a regular user of Digestion Pro since then.

  16. Yogesh Kalson

    I have re-ordered Liver Pro, Digestion Pro, and took Joint Pro & Bone Pro, and Beast Pro also. I can perceive that all your products are omnipotent and phenomenal. Words can’t describe your products as sky is the limit. Kudos to your products.

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