60 Iron Pro Tablets

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Iron Pro is highly effective in improving your hemoglobin level. It helps in curing Anemia.


Iron Pro is a combination of highly potent ingredients. It is an immunity booster and helps you improve your energy level. It is one of the most powerful & complete blood health supplements.

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Each Serving contains:

Chelated Ferrous Bisglycinate (Eq. to Elemental iron = 29mg)
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin): 5mcg
Folic Acid (Vitamin B9): 1500mcg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): 40mg
Zinc Sulfate: 22.2mg

12 reviews for 60 Iron Pro Tablets

  1. Geeta Mishra

    I have been using Iron Pro from one week now and I must say there is a drastic improvement in my energy level. This product is really effective and I love it.

  2. Anita Kashyap

    My mother lately had been experiencing a lot of fatigue and lethargy. When we got the blood reports, her iron levels were extremely low. Being a pure vegetarian, I straight away advised her to add a good Iron supplement. I have been a user of Mango Herbs products myself, so chose Iron Pro for her. I haven’t regretted my decision since then, and neither did my mom.

  3. Jayshree Shiva

    I used to feel very tired when I used to do even the smallest of physical tasks. My friend recommended me Iron Pro by Mango Herbs and then I started taking it. It has really helped me in improving my energy level.

  4. Anushka B

    I bleed excessively during my menses, and my doctor has strictly told me to add a good iron supplement in my diet, being a vegetarian. I had tried the ones she recommended, but had severe stomach issues with it. I came across Iron Pro, and showed it to my doctor. She wasn’t very happy with me choosing a supplement, but I asked her to let me try. I haven’t regretted my decision since then. My iron levels are back to normal, and my immunity is much better.

  5. Ayaana Sirpaul

    Iron deficiency anaemia is quite common in Indian women. I too was one of them. Because of which I was experiencing frequent illness, and extreme weakness & fatigue. My doctor strongly recommended me to go for a good Iron supplement. I am sceptic of the ones available on the chemist. So I decided to do my own research. I saw the ad of Iron Pro by Mango Herbs, and found the composition to be extremely good. It’s been three months since I am using Iron Pro, and all my health issues have reversed.

  6. Gurjeet Kaur

    This is one of the best iron supplements I have tried so far. I haven’t experienced any gut issues, I don’t need to take separate supplements for vitamin C & B12. One tab of Iron Pro gives me everything.

  7. Ganga Yadav

    It’s just been a week that I have started using Iron Pro, and I am already feeling so much better. I am able to sleep better, my energy levels are up, and I haven’t had any gut issues so far. Would continue to use it, and would surely recommend to others.

  8. Mishthi Shah

    My earlier experience with iron supplements hasn’t been good. Almost always, I experienced constipation with them. I asked Akshay sir in one of his live sessions about it. He advised me to take just one tablet in a day, and that too post meals. Thanks to his advice, my iron deficiency is gone, and I didn’t experience any digestive issues with Iron Pro.

  9. Smriti Budhiraja

    My daughter has been taking Iron Pro from last two months. She is 17. I found her iron levels to be quite low in her test reports. I added just one tablet of Iron Pro in her diet. And today, her iron deficiency is gone, and her energy levels are up.

  10. Preeti Yadav

    The best part about Akshay sir is that he doesn’t recommend supplements to anyone and everyone, like most other brands do, simply to increase sales. I have been using a lot of products from Mango Herbs, and without thinking ordered Iron Pro also. When I asked sir, about how to use it, his first question was, “do you have low iron levels?”. When he came to know, I didn’t, he immediately advised me to return the product or give it a female in the family, who has low iron levels. Now, that’s called integrity.

  11. Jyoti Bansal

    Lately I was feeling extremely tired and low on energy. This was despite of a good diet, and regular exercise. When I got my blood tests done, the iron levels were low. Now, this is quite common in females. I planned to add a good iron supplement to my diet. I was advised my one of my friends to try Iron Pro by Mango Herbs. Within a few days of taking it, I saw a great boost in my energy levels, and felt much less fatigued. I used it for 3 months, and got my test results. My iron levels were back to normal. I would highly recommend it to anyone having iron deficiency.

  12. Shweta Sachdeva

    The most difficult thing is to find quality supplements. For e.g. only taking Iron may not fulfil your deficiency. You need to take supporting vitamins and minerals with it. That’s why I chose Iron Pro. It not only has the best form of iron, but also folic acid, vitamin B12, Vitamin C & zinc, which makes it a complete supplement.

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