60 Liver Pro Tablets

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Liver Pro is one of the most potent liver medicines, a blend of Ayurvedic ingredients.


It contains all the ingredients in the right quantity and the most bioavailable form, for complete liver support. Liver Pro helps in liver detoxification, boosts bile production & fat metabolism, helps repair & regenerate liver cells, reduces fatty liver issues, improves digestion and protects the liver from alcohol damage.

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Weight 0.25 kg

Each Tablet Contains:
Bhulamia: 60mg
Punamava: 60mg
Bhringraj: 60mg
Guduchi: 50mg
Silymarin: 50mg
Gokhru: 50mg
Kasni: 50mg
Daruhaldi: 40mg
Harad: 40mg
Pitpapara: 40mg
Chitrak: 30mg
Makoy: 30mg
Kutki: 20 mg
Sarpunkha: 10mg
Papitta: 10mg


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