1 Ltr. Aloe Vera Pro

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Aloe Vera Pro is a powerful antiseptic, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antitoxic, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-tumour, anti-fungal, and an antioxidant.


Aloe Vera is an excellent plant which has been used for multiple health issues. The Aloe Vera leaf contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. Aloe Vera Pro is a powerful antiseptic, antibiotic, antimicrobial, antitoxic, antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-tumour, anti-fungal, and an antioxidant. It’s excellent for digestion, healing the liver & stomach, dental & oral health, skin ailments and a lot more.

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28 reviews for 1 Ltr. Aloe Vera Pro

  1. Shilajit Pro (verified owner)

    The best in the market!

  2. sanjay

    Very nice

  3. Subha

    I have tried aloe vera from various brands. This is one of the best I can say. Very good taste, consistency, and a lot of natural pulp.

  4. Suman

    I can feel many positive changes in me after using Aloe vera Pro. This powerful antiseptic has the best quality and it is the best seller in the market.

  5. Sneha

    “Aloe Vera Pro” It is amazing

  6. Lakshay

    This product “Aloe Vera Pro” helped me to protect my skin and I have been using this product many times.

  7. Vandana

    Best Product!

  8. Suman

    Best and top in the market.

  9. Asis Education


  10. Mohit Poddar

    Top aloe vera product and it is the best in the market.

  11. sonam jainkhandelwal

    Top product

  12. Aditi

    Nothing would be more relaxing and beneficial for your skin than this product!

  13. Jack


  14. Sanaya

    Aloe Vera Pro has completely changed my health, now I have become more energetic and fit!

  15. Rohit

    I couldn’t resist myself to give a review here because I would also love to recommend this unique and beneficial product to you all. Aloe Vera Pro is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that can protect your skin a lot.

  16. Anija

    As we know antioxidants are beneficial for our health and Aloe Vera Pro contains powerful antioxidants belonging to a large family of substances known as polyphenols, that’s why I am recommending this awesome product to you all.

  17. Advit Kalson

    I’m using it….. it is amazing…. purchase best aloe vera in India here.. thnx Akshay sir !!

  18. Anil S

    My father had acidity & gastric issues, because of which he experienced extreme headaches stomach aches. The problem had persisted for very long. I just added 2 tablets of Digestion Pro, to start with. Within three days, he started passing gas, and felt relief after so long. Today, he has added Aloe vera & Triphala pro also, along with Digestion Pro, and his hasn’t experienced headaches or stomach aches since then. Thank you Mango Herbs for understanding the Indian lifestyle & problems.

  19. Aakriti

    The best product I have ever used. As we all know how aloe vera is beneficial for our skin. So, now I could say that this aloe vera product is the best to use.

  20. Mahinder Rawat

    Thanks Akshay sir, love you a lot from my side. I have taken Aloe Vera & Triphala Pro, for my digestion, and I am getting a lot of relief from bloating, gas, heaviness, and feeling very active and fresh. Thanks a lot from my heart sir.

  21. Mithilesh

    I have been using Aloe Vera Pro, Triphala Pro, & Giloy Pro, since over an year now. It would be wrong on my part, not to give a genuine feedback. The products are absolutely great in terms of quality. I have ordered many bottles, and never had any complaint of quality. I would strongly recommend these to others.

  22. Ajay Walia

    One of the best things I have ever tried. This product enhanced my health and skin as well. I am using it in combination with Amla Pro. Very good quality.

  23. Saurabh Kapur

    I started taking Aloe Vera Pro & Amla Pro, for my acidity issues. In his live session, Akshay sir told me to start with it. Believe me guys, it has worked magically for me. I have the two juices in slightly warm water, morning empty stomach. Not only my stomach gets perfectly cleared, but my acidity issues have virtually vanished. I would strongly recommend these products to everyone.

  24. Vikram Singh

    This product is suggested by my uncle and now I can say that Aloe Vera Pro is pure and very effective. Thank you so much Mango Herbs.

  25. Abhishek

    I am an IBS patient for a very long time. And having stomach cramps and aches were common. I didn’t want to opt for strong medicines, as I was scared of side effects. That’s when I came across the juices & Digestion Pro combo. I started taking Aloe vera & Triphala juice in the morning empty stomach, and 2 tablets of Digestion pro post meal, as advised. I am using these products over three months now, and have experienced a big relief from the symptoms.

  26. Alik Banerjee

    I knew about the health benefits of consuming aloe vera, but was searching for a pure juice with pulp. I found the ones the market, to be too watery. I have been watching Akshay sir’s videos, and it was a no-brainer to choose his brand. And like always, he never disappoints. A great product indeed. Excellent pulp and consistency. Thnx sir, for all the products you have got for us.

  27. Amir Ali

    Sir, I am using Amla Pro & Aloe Vera Pro from past 15 days, and it is so good. I had issue of getting sore throat every month in winters, but now I feel so good. Now, I am planning to buy Giloy & Neem for my immunity & uric acid problem.

  28. Surjeet paul

    I am using Neem Pro & Aloe Vera Pro for my skin. I have an extremely oily skin, and neem is the go-to product for me. But the challenge was to find the purest form. My cousin recommended me Mango Herbs brand. And it’s been almost an year now, that I have been a follower of this brand. I recommend it to all the people searching for pure products.

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