Anti Acne Pro

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Plant based Advance Anti-Acne & Pimple Formula for Men & Women/20 Potent Herbs that Clear Pigmentation, Erase Dark Spots & Control Excess Oil Production/Licensed Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine under Ministry of Ayush. Perfectly crafted for Teenagers, Athletes, Females, Sedentary individuals & Working professionals.

Anti-Acne Pro is an advanced herbal skin care formula, that helps:

  • Remove Acne & Pimples
  • Clear Pigmentation
  • Balance Skin Tone
  • Erase Dark Spots
  • Control Excess Oil Production
  • Detoxify & Clean the Skin



Anti-Acne Pro is an innovative herbal formulation that combines a unique blend of highly effective herbs to manage excessive oil production, purify and detoxify the skin, maintain skin tone balance, and alleviate problems related to pimples and pigmentation.

Why should you buy it?

Anti-Acne Pro is an advanced herbal anti-acne & pigmentation formula. It has a perfect blend of extremely potent herbs, which control excess oil production, detoxifies & cleans the skin, balances skin tone, clears pimples & pigmentation.

Anti-Acne Pro is a licensed Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine, under Ministry of Ayush. It’s a 100% natural formulation & contains No Drugs, No Sugar, No Stimulants, No Fillers & No Harmful Chemicals.

Additional information

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How to use it?

Just take 1-2 tablets Anti-Acne Pro, after any meal. Continue regularly for 3-4 months.

For best results, take 1 scoop (8-10gm) Skin Collagen Pro, empty stomach, anytime during the day; along with Anti-Acne Pro tablets, post meal.

Testing & Certifications

1. Heavy Metal Free
2. Antibiotic Free
3. No Stimulants
4. No Artificial or Natural Sweetener
5. No Artificial or Natural Flavors
6. No Artificial or Natural Fragrances
7. No Thickeners/Emulsifiers
8. Chemical Free
9. 100% Vegan
10. 100% Drug Free
11. No Soy
12. No Gluten


Each 100 mg serving contains :
Anantmool : 50mg
Bhuiamla : 50mg
Neem : 25mg
Giloy : 75mg
Manjistha : 25mg
Kachnar : 75mg
Kalmegh : 50mg
Nagarmotha : 65mg
Gulab : 75mg
Chirayata : 10mg
Daruhaldi : 50mg
Kutki : 50mg
Sarpgandha : 25mg
Devdaru : 75mg
Haldi : 25mg
Amla : 75mg
Sandalwood : 50mg
Adrak : 65mg
Dalchini : 75mg
Kalaunji : 10mg
Excepients : Q.s


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