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In Ayurveda, Giloy is termed as a Rasayana, which means the way to attain Rasa i.e., to achieve longevity, memory, Intelligence, youthfulness, lustre, complexion and voice, strength of physique and sense organs, and freedom from ailments. Rasayana is believed to eradicate morbidity, destroys diseases, nourishes and promotes overall health.

There are app. 40 different species of Giloy around the world, of which 3-4 are found mainly in India, mainly Tinospora Cordifolia, Tinospora Sinensis & Tinospora Crispa .Of these species, the most medicinally and commercially important is T. cordifolia.

The species is commonly found in India and is common throughout tropical and subtropical zones at an altitude of up to 1,200m above sea level, from Kumaon to Assam, in north extending through West Bengal, Bihar, Deccan, Kankan, Karnataka and Kerala. It is indigenous to areas of India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam, Bangladesh, North Africa, and South Africa.

As per Ayurveda, T.cordifolia has a bitter, pungent and stringent taste. It is said that the harsh taste upgrades metabolic activity, even at a cellular level.

The plant is genetically diverse, which contains different active components, including steroids, alkaloids, glycosides, essential oils, mixture of fatty acids and polysaccharides, aliphatic compounds and diterpenoid lactones. These active compounds are distributed throughout the plant’s parts, including the stem and root. The plant is well-known for its healing properties and provides essential minerals such as manganese, zinc and copper. It is rich in potassium, chromium, enough iron, as well as sufficient calcium.

Benefits of Giloy

1. Giloy has anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that makes it helpful for people with arthritis and many symptoms associated with it, including joint pains. Consuming Guduchi juice with ginger juice in the morning on an empty stomach is proven great for treating Rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Giloy removes toxins from both the kidneys and the liver and curb free radicals. In addition to all this, Giloy even fights bacteria that cause disease and also combats liver diseases.

3. T.cordifolia is a blood purifier that removes red blood cells that are damaged or defective, from the peripheral blood circulation by stimulating liver and spleen.

4. Clinically, the anti-stress properties of the plant have been tested. It was found to be a good choice for children with mild disabilities. a degree of behaviour disorders and mental impairment. It has also helped in improving the I.Q. levels.

5. The herb has aphrodisiac qualities that make it useful in Enhancing sperm motility and sperm count in male reproductive system. Guduchi also has adaptogenic properties that can rejuvenate the male organ and make it helpful for the treatment of some sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are two such examples.

6. It is proven that Giloy increases memory and learning ability. According to a 2004 study, researchers gave 500mg of giloy extract to 30 people between the age of 18 and 30 years old as against to the same placebo dose for 21 days. Researchers discovered that giloy had a significant rise in the test scores for “verbal memory and learning” and “logical memory”.

7. Combining Tulsi ras and Giloy juice is a great combination that helps you to stay healthy. It increases the overall immunity of the body in all age groups.

8. One can use its stem, leaves, and root to stop excessive bleeding during Menstruation or during bleeding after an abortion or delivery.

9. It is proven to be useful in malaria and other fevers along with infections if taken with Honey and neem. It increases your blood platelets count and relieves symptoms of Dengue fever also

10. The stem of Giloy is one of the constituents of several ayurvedic preparations used in general debility, dyspepsia, and urinary diseases.

11. Stem decoction can be used to improve the quality of breastmilk in lactating mothers. (Note: only under Ayurvedic doctor’s supervision, as not much is known about the effects of giloy on pregnant women).

12. Tinospora cordifolia stem is widely used in diabetes treatment to regulate blood sugar in traditional Indian folk medicine. It is believed to mediate anti-diabetic properties by mitigating oxidative stresses (OS), increasing insulin secretion, and inhibiting gluconeogenesis which results in regulating blood glucose. Tinospora cordifolia’s major phytoconstituents include Alkaloids, tannins, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids, saponins, and steroids. They also have been shown to play an anti-diabetic role.

13. Treatment of skin infections is possible by consuming neem, amla and turmeric with giloy. The most irritating types of eczema, lichens planus and other infections can be cured by giloy juice. Giloy juice is a blood purifier, and therefore useful for skin infections.

14. Its juice can be used to remove both exogenous as well as endogenous toxins.

15. Giloy is extremely effective in improving eye-sight. It strengthens the eye muscles and improves clarity.

16.  The anti-aging properties of Giloy plants help to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. You will have the flawless, glowing skin that you always wanted.

17. Giloy juice aids in urinary tract infections. 

18. It is an immunomodulator that is helpful in the management of many auto-immune disorders.

19. Giloy is very effective for respiratory problems, especially asthma.

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1) What should I take giloy juice with?

Giloy can be taken with multiple herbs or as a standalone herb. The combinations are mentioned on the website for various ailments.

2) Can you use Giloy daily ?

Yes it can be safely used regularly. But all herbs should be given a break after sometime. So, you can take it for 3 weeks and give a week off, and continue again.

3) Can I use giloy Juice during pregnancy?

All herbs or supplements must be stopped during pregnancy, and should only be taken under doctor’s supervision.

4) How long does it take giloy Juice to work?

All herbs take time to work, unlike medicines which give you instant effect, as herbs correct the internal issues from the root cause. But giloy will start showing results in some days itself.

5) Can I give giloy Juice to my child?

Unless recommended by a qualified Ayush doctor, herbs are not to be given to children.

6) Can diabetic and BP patients take giloy Juice?

Yes, it can be safely and very effectively taken by diabetic and hypertension patients.

7) Do I need to refrigerate giloy Juice once it is opened?

It’s not needed as such. Just store it in a dark and cool place, and finish it in time, after opening.