Sleep Pro

Sleep Pro is the most powerful, natural & non-addictive sleep supplement ever developed

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  • PURE WELLNESS, ROOTED IN NATURE Purity of Ayurvedic wisdom in every Mango Herbs product
100% natural formula

Perfectly Crafted For | Teenagers, Athletes, Females, Elderly, Professional doing night shifts, Travelling suffering from Jet Lag & People suffering from insomnia & other sleep disorders

Sleep Pro is one of the most powerful and complete sleep supplements ever developed. It contains all the ingredients needed, in the most bio available form, and the right quantity, to phenomenally improve your sleep quality.

Why should you buy it?

Life & work stress, artificial light and jet lag due to long travel, can disturb your natural sleep-wake cycle, and lead to sleep disorders like insomnia. 

Sleep Pro is one of the most powerful, natural & non-addictive sleep supplement. It resets your natural sleep cycle and helps you sleep like a baby.

It contains all the ingredients needed, in the most bio available form, and the right quantity, to phenomenally improve your sleep quality.

How to use it?

Just take 1 tablet Sleep Pro every day, 30-45min before sleep.

Continue regularly for 3-4 months, for best results.

Testing & Certifications

1. Heavy Metal Free

2. Antibiotic Free

3. No Artificial or Natural Sweetener

4. No Artificial or Natural Flavors

5. No Artificial or Natural Fragrances

6. No Thickeners/Emulsifiers

7. 100% Vegan

8. 100% Drug Free

9. No Soy

10. No Gluten

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Sleep Pro work?

Sleep Pro is one of the most powerful, natural & non-addictive sleep supplement. It resets your natural sleep cycle and helps you sleep like a baby.

What is the recommended dosage of Sleep Pro?

Just take 1 tablet Sleep Pro every day, 30-45min before sleep.

Continue regularly for 8-12 weeks, for best results.

Are there any additional benefits of Sleep Pro?

Sleep Pro 100% natural and non-addictive formula which:

- Resets natural sleep cycle
- Improves overall sleep quality
- Helps you sleep faster & better
- Helps in managing Jet Lag & Night Shifts
- Helps manage insomnia & other sleep disorders
- Makes you feel fresh & rejuvenated after waking up

Weight 0.2 kg

Each Tablet contains:

Melatonin: 5 mg.
Magnesium Glycinate: 400 mg
Valerian Root Extract: 500 mg
Sarpagandha Extract: 100 mg
Nardostachys Jatamansi Extract: 100 mg
L-Theanine: 200 mg

18 reviews for Sleep Pro

  1. Paras

    I want to share my feedback on Sleep Pro. I have been taking it for the last 2 months. Initially it was not working for me for the first 10 days, but after that its working like a pro… I am able to have a deep sleep for 7-8 hours and earlier I was sleeping at 3 but now I am able to sleep at 12 and wake up at 8 feeling fresh. A big thumbs up for the product as I am having sleep issues from a very long time.

  2. Md Ansari

    Its rare to find a sleep supplement, which so powerful & effective, yet safe & non-addictive. Sleep Pro has been a part of my life from last 4 months now, and I have no plans to discontinue.

  3. Sanoop

    I take just 1 tablet of Sleep Pro, before sleep. The sleep I get is amazing. Earlier had a very disturbed sleep. But now, my quality of sleep has drastically improved.

  4. Harpreet Singh

    I am taking Sleep Pro. My insomnia has been cured to a great extent. I am able to fall asleep faster, and wake up rested, ready for the day ahead.

  5. Nazir

    Main IT sector mein job karta hun, aur continuous night shifts karta hun, aur mere sleep patterns isi wajah se bahut kharab ho gaye thhe. But I saw Akshay sir’s video on Sleep Pro, and thought of giving it a try. Believe me, it worked wonders for me. Thnx sir for creating such an amazing supplement.

  6. Kartik

    I received Sleep Pro, used it for 3 days, and it had amazing effects on my sleep quality.

  7. Rajbeer

    Due to constant international travel, jet lag was a major issue with me. One of my friends, advised me to try Sleep Pro. I was skeptic of trying anything due to the related side effects. But with the first tablet itself, the effect was simply amazing. My headaches reduced and whatever time I slept, the sleep quality was way better.

  8. Ravi Malhotra

    Maine Sleep Pro, apni mom ke liye liya thha. Wo kaafi samay se sleep problem se suffer kar rahi thhi, aur sleep medicines bhi le rahi thhi. Mujhe laga sleep medicines ke hote hue, koi supplement effect nahin karega. But, jab maine Sleep Pro mom ko diya, unhe kuchh hi dino mein amazing effect aaya. Aur sabse amazing fact hai ki, aaj 3 months ke baad, unhone sleep medicines, chhod di hain.

  9. Masoor

    I am having a lot of trouble sleeping, as I am having extreme anxiety issues. Lately, I was watching Akshay sir’s videos, and I came to know about his brand, and the product Sleep Pro & Ashwagandha Pro. Believe me guys, this combo works super well. Not only have my sleep issues resolved, but my anxiety attacks are also under control. Thnx Mango Herbs & Akshay sir for such high quality products.

  10. Tony Sehgal

    I am having sleep issues for years, and have been taking melatonin supplement, because it helps me getting sleep. But when I tried Sleep Pro, the effects were even better than I expected. This was despite of the fact that I was using melatonin already for quite some time. I have now shifted on to Sleep Pro completely, and have just finished my 3rd bottle.

  11. Anoop Shankar

    I had heard about melatonin, magnesium & L-theanine, and knew that they are quite effective. But I haven’t really seen any supplement combining them with Ayurvedic herbs like Jatamansi & Sarpagandha. And when I tried it, I never regretted my decision. A very effective product, indeed.

  12. Dr Padukon

    When I heard Akshay sir’s video on melatonin, I didn’t take the timing seriously. And by mistake I took 1 tablet of Sleep Pro in morning, before going to office. I was so sleepy the whole day. I had to have a lot of coffee to stay awake. One thing, I know for sure now, that it works very well. But please, don’t take it in the morning.

  13. E Mishra

    I am finished with one bottle, and surely re-ordering the second one. 1 tablet is enough for a good night sleep for me.

  14. Vishwajeet

    I have been having sleep issues for a very long time. And have even tried melatonin supplement. I got some results initially, but not for long. But when I tried Sleep Pro, it not just worked fine, but this is the first supplement I have continued for so long. May be, the concoction of all ingredients works better than melatonin alone.

  15. Shankar

    I am afraid of trying Sleep supplements, due to the previous bad experience I have had with one. But on strong recommendation, when I tried Sleep Pro, I had no side-effects, and there was no after-effects or groggy feelings with the it, the next morning.

  16. Sundara

    My issues with sleep is constant awakenings during the night. I didn’t want to go for sleep medicines, as prescribed by the doctor. While searching for sleep supplements, I came across Sleep Pro. Thought of giving it a try. And this is my 2nd bottle I am using. My sleep quality has improved, and I am not waking up in the middle of the night.

  17. Satyam

    I think Mango Herbs products are among the most underrated ones in the market. I have been using Neem Pro, Giloy Pro, Sleep Pro and other products from Mango Herbs for a very long time now. And every time I receive the product, the quality is intact.

  18. Namratajal gaonkar

    Ur products are amazing I ordered sleep pro and trust me it was so amazing I started sleeping like a baby and feeling fresh after waking up Because of sleep pro I am able to set my sleep routine thank you so much sir

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