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The most powerful and complete bone supplement

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Live a active life with Bone Pro

Perfectly Crafted For | Teenager, Athletes,Females,Elderly,Sedentary individuals & Working Professionals

Bone Pro is one of the powerful and complete bone supplements ever developed. It gives you the right building blocks needed to prevent bone loss, increase bone density, prevent fractures, and enhance calcium absorption in the body. It helps retain your active lifestyle as you age and also helps people suffering from nutrient deficiencies, due to a hectic lifestyle.

Why should you buy it?

Bone Pro contains all the nutrients needed in the most bioavailable form, and in the right quantity, for complete bone health support, to help you live an active and pain-free life.

Bone Pro gives you the right building blocks needed to prevent bone loss, increase bone density, prevent fractures, enhance calcium absorption, prevent osteoporosis and prevents magnesium & vitamin D deficiency.

How to use it?

Just take 2 tablets Bone Pro every day, after any meal.

Continue regularly for 12-16 weeks, for best results.

Testing & Certifications

1. Heavy Metal Free

2. Antibiotic Free

3. No Artificial or Natural Sweetener

4. No Artificial or Natural Flavors

5. No Artificial or Natural Fragrances

6. No Thickeners/Emulsifiers

7. Chemical Free

8. 100% Vegan

9. 100% Drug Free

10. No Soy

11. No Gluten

Certificate of Analysis 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Bone Pro work?

Bone Pro gives you the right building blocks needed to prevent bone loss, increase bone density, prevent fractures, enhance calcium absorption, prevent osteoporosis and prevents magnesium & vitamin D deficiency.

What is the recommended dosage of Bone Pro?

Just take 2 tablets Bone Pro every day, after any meal.

Continue regularly for 12-16 weeks, for best results.

Are there any additional benefits of Bone Pro?

Bone Pro gives you the right building blocks to:

- Prevent Bone Loss
- Increase Bone Density
- Prevent Fractures
- Prevent Osteoporosis
- Enhances Calcium absorption
- Prevent Vitamin D & Magnesium deficiency


Weight 0.25 kg

Each serving contains:

Calcium Citrate Malate: 1000mg
Vitamin D3: 2000iu
Vitamin K2 (MK – 7): 90mcg
Magnesium Glycinate: 400mg
Cissus Quadrangularis (Hadjod): 500mg
Piperine (Black Pepper Extract): 10mg

25 reviews for Bone Pro

  1. Payal Bisht

    2 Week’s ago I have purchased Brain Pro tablets, this is perfect supplement its boost our memory retention.

  2. Sumit Rawat

    Brain Pro is best tablet for brain function its very good & natural Thank you Mango Herbs.

  3. Rajeev Mahajan

    2 weeks ago I purchased Bone Pro. This is a perfect supplement, and it has enhanced my bone strength. I could feel the difference in my strength after using it.

  4. Pavan Lal

    I watched your Bone Pro video… my mom is having knee & joint pain… been using multiple types of medicines to get rid of pain… but nothing worked. After your advice… I tried Bone Pro… I am not paid to say or anything… I am genuinely saying… mom has great relief and it works…

  5. Rakesh S

    Maine Bone Pro meri mummy ke liye liya tha… she is 65 years old, and believe me sir with in a week unko knee pain mein bahot farak pada… and wo sirf ek hi tablet leti hai… thank you sir for introducing this kind of amazing product.

  6. Padma Raju

    This is the first time I am seeing a supplement combining Hadjod (Cissus Quadrangularis) with nutrients like calcium, vitamin D, magnesium & Vitamin K.

  7. Lakshmi Menon

    Its very amazing. I recommend everyone to use it. It gave me good results in one week and I take it after breakfast.

  8. Piyush Sharma

    I purchased Bone Pro for my mom, and it works very well and its very good supplement sir, and I also use Ashwagandha Pro. All your products are really effective sir.

  9. Om Kohli

    Main Bone Pro khud bhi le raha hun, aur mummy papa ko bhi de raha hun. Generally, parents nahin maante supplements ke liye. But jab Akshay sir ki videos dikhai, aur doctor ne bhi bola, to unhone ye lena start kiya. Results se bahut khush hain wo. Thank you Akshay sir.

  10. Jaggi Chaudhary

    Best part about Bone Pro is the ingredient. It contains all the necessary nutrients for bone building, not just calcium & vitamin D. Most people don’t know that Magnesium & Vitamin K are as important for bones.

  11. Parth

    Being an athlete, I really needed this supplement. My coach advised me to add a good bone supplement in my diet. But I couldn’t trust the cheap ones available at chemist. The others were either too costly, or didn’t give complete bone nutrients.

  12. Tushar Solanki

    I fractured my arm, and I was adviced a cheap calcium supplement by the physician. I instead, went for Bone Pro, and I can’t thank my decision enough. The healing process was extremely fast, and I am back to my workouts. Thnx Mango Herbs & Akshay sir.

  13. Namdev More

    I am giving Bone Pro to my father. Post 50, I know his diet is not adequate to give him adequate calcium, and the chances of osteoporosis increases at this age. A great product indeed.

  14. Vinay Ghambhir

    Very happy to see such a high quality product in Indian market. Vitamin K2 (MK7) is rare to find in most bone supplements.

  15. Nitin Upadhyay

    This is my fifth bottle of Bone Pro, and I will continue to use it. I have recommended it to all my family members and friends.

  16. Archit Karan

    Just ordered Joint and Bone combo. Thank you for making these, I have been looking for a local, affordable and trusted quality replacement for these. Also I appreciate the free shaker with the combo. Indians like you make us all proud.

  17. Rajat Hans

    Main ek hi cheez bolunga, ki jab bhi supplement lo, acchhi quality ka lo. Maine aur bhi brands try liye, but jab Mango Herbs ka Bone Pro liya, to quality mein farak saaf dikh raha thha. Ab main Mango Herbs ke bahut se products use karta hun, aur friends ko bhi bataya hai iske baare mein.

  18. Rohit Gokhale

    I think Akshay sir & Mango Herbs have been producing some of the best products. Even my doctor was happy to see the composition of Bone Pro.

  19. Anay ankit

    Main ek bodybuilder hun, aur main Akshay sir ka Bone & Joint Combo le raha hun. Bahut hi kamaal ka stack hai. Mera joint pain khatam ho gaya hai.

  20. Akhil sharma

    I am an athlete, and have been suffering from joint pain for quite some time. I asked Akshay sir, in his live session, about the supplement to be used. He recommended me the Joint & Bone Combo, which consists of three supplements, Joint Pro, Bone Pro & Multi Collagen Pro. I couldn’t thank him enough. Not only my joints are pain free now, but my performance has increased tremendously.

  21. Priya

    Meri mother ko arthritis hai, aur wo kaafi pain mein rehti thhi. Maine unki diet mein Bone Pro aur Joint Pro, add kiya hai. Ab, 2 mahine baad, unki pain kaafi kam ho gayi hai, aur wo regular walk pe bhi ja pa rahi hain.

  22. Madan Katyal

    I don’t trust brands and products easily, specially Indian brands. But the amount of research which Akshay sir puts in his products is commendable. Never seen a company showing complete manufacturing process of their supplements, inside their factories. I am using multiple Products from Mango Herbs now.

  23. Naveen Grover

    Today, I received Amla Pro, Bone Pro, Brain Pro, Shilajit Pro & Ashwagandha Pro… and if course one free 250gm honey… with very good packaging & superfast delivery. I stay in South Odisha but it just took 3 days to reach. This is my 4th time order from Mango Herbs and it will continue… because quality always matter.

  24. Madhu

    I have re-ordered Liver Pro, Digestion Pro, and took Joint Pro & Bone Pro, and Beast Pro also. I can perceive that all your products are omnipotent and phenomenal. Words can’t describe your products as sky is the limit. Kudos to your products.

  25. Avinash Trivedi

    My father was a former hockey player, and with age, his joints started aching. He started having problem in regular movement also. And I couldn’t see my father in that condition. I am a regular viewer of WeRStupid channel, and on Akshay sir’s recommendation, purchased Bone Pro & Joint Pro for him. And I would like to tell everyone, that my dad has had a big relief from his joint pain, and he is much more active now, just like before. It has been over 3 months, and he is a regular user of these supplements. Thnx sir for making such products for us.

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