Beast Pro

Beast Pro is one of the most powerful libido booster

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1,545.00 Including GST

  • PURE WELLNESS, ROOTED IN NATURE Purity of Ayurvedic wisdom in every Mango Herbs product
100% natural formula

Perfectly Crafted For | Men (21+ Only) | Who want an increase in strength levels, lean muscle mass, like competitive athletes and regular gym freaks | People with diminished sex drive & libido | People with low testosterone levels | People suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Beast Pro is the most powerful Testosterone and Libido Booster ever created. Beast Pro is a perfect combination of extremely potent herbs & compounds, which are proven to boost testosterone levels & sexual performance. Beast Pro is a Natural & Non-Addictive formula.

It has NO drugs, NO Steroids, NO Stimulants, NO Sugar, NO artificial colours, NO thickeners, NO Soy & NO Gluten.

Why should you buy it?

Testosterone is the most important steroid hormone in the body which regulates libido, immune function, muscle and bone development, red blood cell production etc.

Low testosterone levels are strongly linked to reduced muscle mass, reduced bone mass, low sex drive, reduced sperm count, decrease in energy levels, increased body fat, hair loss, sleep issues, mood swings etc.

Natural testosterone & libido boosting supplements is a convenient way to overcome the symptoms of low testosterone levels. That’s where Beast Pro comes in.

Beast Pro is one of the most powerful testosterone & libido booster ever created. No product in the market comes even close to the potency of Beast Pro.

Beast Pro is a 100% natural & non-addictive formula, and a perfect combination of extremely potent herbs & compounds, which are proven to boost testosterone levels & sexual performance.

How to use it?

Take 1 levelled scoop (inside the box) of Beast Pro, in water or milk, anytime during the day or before sleep.

Continue regularly for 3 months, for best results.

Caution: If you find the dose too strong, switch to just 1 scoop every alternate day.

Testing & Certifications

1. Heavy Metal Free

2. Antibiotic Free

3. No Artificial Sweetener

4. No Artificial or Natural Flavors

5. No Artificial or Natural Fragrances

6. No Thickeners/Emulsifiers

7. No Laxatives

8. Chemical Free

9. 100% Vegan

10. 100% Drug Free

11. No Soy

12. No Gluten. Heavy Metal Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Beast Pro work?

Beast Pro is a 100% natural & non-addictive formula, and a perfect combination of extremely potent herbs & compounds, which are proven to boost testosterone levels & sexual performance.

What is the recommended dosage of Beast Pro?

Take 1 levelled scoop (inside the box) of Beast Pro, in water or milk, anytime during the day or before sleep.

Continue regularly for 3 months, for best results.

Are there any additional benefits of Beast Pro?

Beast Pro is an extremely powerful testosterone & libido booster,which helps:
- Boost testosterone levels
- Improve libido & sex drive
- Achieve stronger & long lasting erections
- Manage ED & PE
- Increase strength levels
- Enhance lean muscle mass
- Boost metabolism

Weight 0.15 kg

Qty in mg (Per 5 gm) :
Shilajit (Stone Dr.Ext.) : 100mg
Ashwagandha (Root Dr.Ext.) : 250mg
Safed Musli (Root Dr.Ext.) : 350mg
Kali Musli (Root Dr.Ext.) : 250mg
Gokhru (Fruit Dr.Ext.) : 400mg
Kaunch (seed Dr.Ext.) : 400mg
Saffron (Flower Dr.Ext.) : 50mg
Fenugreek (seed Dr. Ext.) : 400mg
Ginseng (Root Dr. Ext.) : 200mg
Giloy (Stem Dr. Ext.) : 125mg
Amla (Fruit pericarp Dr. Ext.) : 150mg
Tal Makhana (Seed Dr. Ext.) : 100mg
Dalchini (Cinnamon) (Barak Dr. Ext) : 210mg

Excepients :
Fadogia Agrestis
Royal Jelly
Salam Panjaa
Tongkat Ali
Zinc Sulfate

29 reviews for Beast Pro

  1. Ranveer Mathur

    Yes it’s a very good product and had significant results. My strength is increasing and my desire towards sex or opposite gender is more than usual these days.

  2. Adhiraj Singh

    I have taken from past Saturday, and I could feel the fat burning effects from Beast pro. I don’t feel exhausted after workout.

  3. Raghav Chadha

    Sir maine sirf 3 din use kiya paani ke saath.. amazing erections ho raha tha. Aur yaken mano mera semen itna thick ho gaya, maine socha bhi nahin tha. Thnx sir for the greatest Beast Pro

  4. S.Patil

    Slightly bitter taste, but 100% amazing pure results

  5. Vikas Takshak

    Thank you so much. Its been app. 10 days and my testicular size has increased (didn’t expect this). I feel more energetic yet relaxed and very confident.

  6. Ashutosh B

    Amazing product, I am using it since 2 last months. My gym performance is way better after using Beast Pro.

  7. Samrat

    Akshay sir introduced a product which was already best and now its getting perfect.

  8. Baadal

    This product is very very Amazing. I am just Loving it.

  9. Chaitanya A

    Since the time I am using Beast Pro, my wife is the happiest person. It made me feel 20 again. Thnx Mango Herbs & Akshay sir

  10. S.Pradhan

    Now this is called a high quality product. My libido is on all time high. Thnx Beast Pro

  11. Aman Puri

    Kya product banaya hai sir. Mazaa a gaya. Meri performance alag hi ho gayi hai.

  12. Atharv Sachdev

    I doubt whether Beast Pro is all natural as claimed. The effects are insane. My sperm volume and erections are mind boggling.

  13. Akhilesh Gupta

    Mujhe laga shayad testosterone levels pe koi effect nahin aayega. But 1 mahine mein hi mera testosterone level 190 points increase hua hai.

  14. Jai Singh

    Beast Pro definitely worked for me… Not sure about sex and libido but my strength has definitely gone up.. also a deltoid tendon that got injured badly due to fall from stairs got healed. Even though that was totally unexpected.. I guess there must be some ingredient in this supplement which helped in faster healing.. I’d say for this price, beast pro is a must try. Especially for a 44 year old like me, I definitely experienced strength gains and looked more jacked.. will buy again once my current pack is over.

  15. Sunil.K

    I bought Beast Pro, and found the taste to be slightly bitter, but the energy it gives you is next level. I can see the improvement both in gym and in the bed.

  16. Nitesh Prasad

    If you are over 40, and you are looking for the finest product to boost your dropping testosterone levels and libido, then believe me guys, this is the only product you will need. Thnx team Mango Herbs.

  17. Rishi Apte

    Mera testosterone lower range se bhi kam tha. But 2 mahine Beast Pro try kiya, energy & libido mein to boost hua hi, mera testosterone level actually badh gaya.

  18. Sandeep Brar

    I never thought anything will work in ED. But Beast Pro has given me what no product could. I am able to last longer, and girlfriend was never happier. Thnx Akshay sir for creating Beast Pro for us.

  19. M. Deka

    I was skeptic of using such products before. But looking at the reviews, I thought of trying Beast Pro. After using it for 2 months now, I could only say one thing: ‘I was wrong’. The product is really unbelievable. Both my erections & energy levels are next level.

  20. Rohan Borah

    Log keh rahe hain, taste kadva hai. But mujhe to aisa kucch nahin laga. Agar pure hai, to slightly kadwa se kya hota hai. But sach mein, bahut accha product hai.

  21. D. Majumdar

    One of my friends recommended Beast Pro to me. And I have already finished my second box. And now with Ministry of Ayush license, my confidence in the product is much more.

  22. Yash Mehra

    Jab initially Beast Pro start kiya, to kucch khaas asar nahin aya. Lekin 4 dino ke baad, results aane lage. Aur 10 din baad to aisa lagne laga jaise, Viagra hi kha raha hun.

  23. Dhruv Mishra

    The energy is super, but the best part are the morning erections. I have no shyness in saying, that I am able to last much longer in bed. If anyone has sexual issues, Beast Pro is a must in your supplement arsenal.

  24. Deep Karan

    Maine pehle bhi testosterone boosters try kiye hain, but Beast Pro actually works. Meri energy workout ke time bahut high thhi, aur mera semen ka amount (volume) bhi increase hua.

  25. Varun

    Excellent product. I am ordering my 3rd box now.

  26. Nipun Kansal

    Pehle maine Beast Pro try kiya, aur ab sabko recommend kar raha hun. Jisne bhi liya hai, mujhe thnx bol raha hai. Awesome!! Thnx

  27. Gautam Kaul

    I have re-ordered Liver Pro, Digestion Pro, and took Joint Pro & Bone Pro, and Beast Pro also. I can perceive that all your products are omnipotent and phenomenal. Words can’t describe your products as sky is the limit. Kudos to your products.

  28. Kanishk

    Bro what did you create I ordered your beast pro and tried it I am hitting prs today I felt like a superman during my leg workout I don’t know how I maxed nearly every machine man squated 160kgs, I feel invincible-I just hope my body doesn’t build resistance to this godly creation.

  29. nature 3120

    15 din ho gye h beast pro chhode hue.. mujhe laga isne kaam karna bnd kar dia hoga pr sach m isne mera confidence bda dia h ab m ankh se ankh mila k baat krta hu

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